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A story of small changes

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Environment Pollution
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Samantha Horsnell
 Founder, Clean Conscience


Like most, I felt completely overwhelmed at the thought of "going plastic-free".   Fully aware of the urgent help our planet needs, I really wanted to make a difference.  Unfortunately the enormity of the problem meant I honestly did not know where to start.

Realistically, a  zero-waste existence is hard to achieve and this could be why a lot of people may feel disheartened.  Sadly, we are all so reliant on plastic in this day and age, an entirely plastic-free household is something most of us can only dream of for now.  Like the vast majority of people, my household is not completely void of plastic.  However, throwing these existing things out simply because they have been manufactured using plastic, then replacing them with eco-friendly options would be hugely counter-productive and would ultimately add to the problem. 


Eager to further reduce our family footprint, I wondered what my next steps could be.  We use the same plastic bags time and time again, we swapped to metal straws and we recycle all the plastic that we possibly can.  Eco-bricks, metal drinks bottles, bottles for life, we do those things but I knew it was not enough.  I knew more could be done but I had to find out what and how.


Further research and thinking ensued, it then came to me, why not simply replace products with plastic-free alternatives as and when they run out.  Gradual changes to items we use everyday would not only be more achievable,  it would also make a big difference to the level of plastic being disposed of daily.  Even if we all made just one or two simple switches, it would drop dramatically. 

Upon realising that any change to my daily plastic use is better than no change at all, the idea of Clean Conscience came to fruition.  I wanted to share my thoughts and got to work setting up an online shop to promote plastic-free and eco-friendly options to like-minded people.  I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to have access to budget-friendly alternatives in the hope that more people will take action and come on-board.


It is very important to me that all products chosen for Clean Conscience are sourced from ethical suppliers, are of high-quality, are made using natural ingredients and are far more enjoyable to use than their plastic or single-use version.  Crucially I wanted a collection of products built around nature and sustainability whilst simultaneously raising awareness surrounding the impact our daily plastic use has globally.   I have initially focused on bathroom products but am looking forward to adding a range of kitchen products in the very near future. I am constantly on the look out for innovative products to add to our ever expanding shop and I am very excited about the changes we can all make going forward.

Please spread the word, make the switch and leave your planet as clean as your conscience.



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