Remember your first toothbrush?  It is still out there somewhere.  In fact, every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists on this planet......

It was this shocking fact that made us stop to think, surely there must be another way, a way of going about our day to day life without leaving such a big trail of plastic behind us.  The more we looked into our own plastic consumption the clearer it became. 


Of course, in an ideal world we would remove all plastic from our lives but, sadly, this would be difficult to achieve in this day and age.  So, instead, we asked ourselves a question. 

What would be more beneficial to the environment?  A handful of people ditching plastic entirely from their lives, or lots of people making a few, very simple changes to the items they use everyday?  



Surely, if collectively, we all made just a few small switches to eco-friendly products, there will be a huge difference in the level of plastic disposal.

  We looked into replacing items such as plastic toothbrushes, cotton buds, deodorant, shampoo and single-use coffee cups with eco-friendly alternatives and it became clear that it was not only achievable, the replacement products available were just as good, if not better than their plastic version.  Basically, there was nothing to stop us starting our day in an eco-friendly way!






Unfortunately, it is more of a cataclysmic splash....  It is understandable to wonder how your humble toothbrush could have such a negative impact on the environment, it is only a toothbrush after all.  However, once you take into consideration the 3.5 billion toothbrushes sold annually worldwide and the UK disposal of around 264 million plastic toothbrushes per year, it becomes clear how, over time, our global plastic problem has reached the startling level that it has - the toothbrush being just one example of countless throwaway items of course.