Our wax melts are made from 100% soy wax and are scented with the best quality fragrance oils to ensure they give off an elegant and ambient aroma. 

Each snap bar is individually finished with a pretty botanical or gem stone sprinkle.


Packaged very simply in a Glassine envelope, our wax melts are the perfect choice for the eco-conscious. 

Renewable and recyclable, Glassine is the perfect alternative to replace plastic packaging as it is fully recyclable and biodegradable. 

Our Glassine envelopes are environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and start from 100% sustainably managed forests. 

All of our wax melts are safety tested, correctly labelled, and manufactured to the highest standards, so that you not only receive a product that's been individually hand-poured, it has also been made with the utmost care.
 • 50g per bar • Cruelty-free / vegan-friendly • Natural, biodegradable soy wax  • Long-lasting fragrances • Hand-poured in the coastal Town of Brightlingsea 

These soy wax melts can be used in any traditional oil burner/warmer. Please note however that these are not suitable for use in electric diffusers that release steam. 

TO USE : Snap one rectangle of wax melt off the snap bar and add to your oil burner or electric tart warmer. Do not add water. The wax will melt slowly and turn to liquid, the scent is then released. 

Each soy wax melt bar can fragrance your home for approximately 30-40 hours (6-8 hours per wax rectangle). 

Our candles and melts have labels which identify possible allergens in compliance with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations 2009. 

We use an independent printer who is fully trained in CLP regulations to produce our labels. 

We only source fragrance oils from suppliers who comply with CLP Regulations. 

Please read our labels carefully before you using our products. 

We hold Safety Data Sheets on all fragrances and our wax. 

 • Always burn in a well ventilated room • Always burn within sight especially of you are using an unscented tea light • Keep away from things that could catch fire. • Keep away from children and pets. • Remove wrapper and label before use. • Use only in warmers designed for wax melts. • Never add water or cover pot. • Do not heat if pot contains less than 1/2" of wax. Failure to follow these instructions could result in a fire hazard • Use with only good quality wax melts. Never leave a burning candle unattended or move it when lit • Remove all packaging before use • Only use with a good quality 4 hr tealight. Do not use a maxi tealight, votive or candle. • Keep the tealight and wax melt burner out of the reach of children and pets. • Do not burn the tealight or leave the wax melt burner on or near anything that can catch fire • Ensure the wax melt burner is well ventilated. • There must be at least 6.5cm of space above the flame within the wax melt burner. • Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool • Keep the wick trimmed on your tealight to 3-5mm and remove any carbon build up • The wax burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move it whilst alight or whilst wax remains molten • Extinguish the tealight if the flame becomes enlarged, makes contact with the wax melt burner or begins to smoke • Once extinguished allow the wax melt burner to cool completely before moving

100% Soy Wax Melt - Snap Bar