Beeswax is the only 100% natural wax, and with the highest melting point of all the waxes, these candles burn longer than any other type.


They also clean the air, being a natural ioniser. Beeswax, when burnt, emits negative ions which neutralizes pollutants and reduces indoor pollution.


They are also hypo-allergenic, with people suffering from asthma and allergies reporting fewer problems through using beeswax candles.


Mersea Mudd Shack's candles, are made using Mersea beeswax.  They also add a touch of coconut oil for a smoother burn, and a few drops of honey fragrance oil, to enhance the naturally occurring scent in the beeswax, creating a beautiful soothing aroma.


These hand poured beeswax candles are packaged using eco-friendly materials, including  recycled glass jars - meaning no two candles look the same!

8oz Beeswax Candle