You can now enjoy your on-the-go meals the eco-friendly way. 

This Bamboo Cutlery set lets you avoid disposable utensils- you’ll never use plastic spoon, fork, and knife ever again!

This set is totally reusable. Each item is crafted with high quality, organic bamboo, and is lightweight so suitable for on the go use. 

• Why bamboo cutlery?

It is lightweight and durable

Since it’s bamboo, it’s very strong and will last a long time

We believe that bamboo is the best replacement for plastic, and know that you’ll love this eco-friendly alternative to disposable cutlery

• Benefits of bamboo

Bamboo grows organically, using only water.

Even without pesticides, bamboo grows rapidly.

It is a sustainable organic material.

• Bamboo Cutlery facts

These sets can be composted and are biodegradable. In fact, bamboo can add a lot of nutritious value back to the earth in a home compost

Size lets you eat comfortably; each item is 20 cm in length

This bamboo cutlery set is perfect for picnics, travel, camping and everyday use, on the go

Bamboo Cutlery Set