Farmers in Vietnam hand pick the coconuts for these beautiful bowls. 

There is no need to worry about the ethics of the bowls as our UK based supplier has done thorough research into their production. 

Monkeys are often used for picking coconuts for such products, but they have made sure that their bowls are picked by people who make a living from coconut harvesting.

There are many farmers in Vietnam that make a living this way and our supplier describes their organisation as a place where workers think of each other as family and are always happy to support one another. In terms of sustainability, they have installed systems to make full use of recycled waste, and are proud to have created jobs locally.

Made from a coconut shell that would otherwise be wasted

Finished with a coconut oil covering


15cm diameter approximately

Polished on both sides

Shipped from Vietnam with minimal plastic 

Use the bowl time and time again, either for smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, cereal, or even to hold keys/ jewellery!

Natural, no use of chemicals. The bowls are treated with natural coconut oil.

All are made by Vietnamese artisans.

Coconut Bowl