This cute Bees Wax Wrap has been designed with a waxed cotton cord and button and is the perfect size to keep a sandwich or wrap fresh instead of using cling film or foil.


  • Handmade inthe UK with earth friendly materials 
  • Beeswax wraps are washable, reuseable and compostable
  • Made from 100% cotton and English Beeswax
  • Handwash in cool water with a small amount of soap and dry away from sunlight
  • Not suitable for hot water, microwaves or direct heat
  • Do not use on raw meat
  • Beeswax wraps are flammable
  • With good care, they can easily last for one year! 
  • Bees wax wraps are antibacterial, keep food fresh and help to stop it drying out


Kids Beeswax Sandwich Wrap - Camping