The coconuts that are used to produce KIKI’s Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil are harvested from organic plantations and Certified Organic by the Soil Organisation.


Made only from fresh, moist coconut meat which has been cold pressed to produce the finest virgin coconut oil. Once cleaned, the kernal is cold pressed until it exudes the rich oil and then purified through simple filtration and centrifugation, this way only the purest coconut oil makes it into KIKI’s Coconut Oil.


  • Unrefined
  • Unbleached
  • Non-deodorised
  • Non-hydrogenated


Kiki's pure, raw organic coconut oil is a completely natural and brilliantly versatile beauty remedy for hair and skin


  • Removes eye make-up
  • Great for taming frizz and promoting shiny hair (avoid using on scalp, simply rub a small amount between your hands and work gently through the ends of your hair)
  • Massage Oil
  • Lip Moisturiser


About Kiki

Kiki was created out of the desire to promote health and wellbeing with fully natural high grade supplements. Kiki carefully chooses its ingredients to ensure that they are as beneficial to the health with no unnecessary or unnatural additions. The results are powerful supplements which use 100% active plant-based ingredients which are ethically processed to maximise the beneficial and powerful elements.



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 40ml

  • 100% Pure unrefined certified organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil