****** Includes x2 ScrubBEE's ******


ScrubBEE is a lightweight scourer to replace the generic yellow/green or white plastic sponge that so many of us have bought in packs of six many, many times over the years. 

Where does that plastic sponge end up after it has come to the end of its useful life? 

It sits in landfill and sits and sits for a very, very long time......... 

Also, plastic sponges are made from polyurethane (a petroleum-based ingredient), bleach, assorted sulfates, chemicals, and synthetic foam materials.

They contain triclosan, a potentially harmful chemical used in hand soaps and pesticides. Triclosan has been linked to cancer, plus liver and thyroid issues; it has also been found to be very harmful to marine life.

These beautiful scourers have been made from 100% cotton or linen and hessian from the jute plant. They are lined with cotton wadding, or cotton and bamboo wadding. All of these materials are plant based as natural fibres break down/decompose in a relatively short period time, they were once plants after all (cotton, linen flax, hessian jute, bamboo etc...)


When in use, your ScrubBEE can be wrung out and placed on the drainer to dry, or leave in a small re-purposed glass jam jar on the window sill to dry it out thoroughly between uses. 


They are washable, along with your other cloths and towels, although they are best washed in a laundry bag. Or simply put them into a cup of boiling water ( out of reach of children) and let them stand for a few minutes until cooled.


What do you do when it is past its useful life? 

You can cut it into pieces, it takes a sharp pair of scissors so please take care, you can then put it on your compost heap if you have one, or dig it into a flower bed or at the base of shrubs, it will rot down in time. 





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