Keep your bits of soap bars together easily - so handy! 

Helps to exfoliate and create a great lather

Made from 100% organic cotton




Handmade in Wales

Soap bars are officially cool again - yes!

They usually come in way less packaging and need less water to produce too. 

Using a soap pouch like this one will actually help extend the life of our beloved soap bars and keep all those little soap remainders together that tend to slip through your hands and down the drain.

Just pop your solid soap in the bag and start the body care! 

With a quick soak underwater, it will be foaming in no time. It also doubles as a lovely exfoliating surface to smooth your skin.

It’s made by another company who really care about the environment. The makers, Tabitha Eve, recycle and reuse as much of the studio waste as possible, with lots of their scraps going to local schools, playgroups and other independent businesses. 

They’re also moving towards organic materials and always request that their raw materials are delivered in as little plastic as possible.  


The average person uses 11 bottles of shower gel a year, contributing to the 300 million tons of plastic produced each year. 

Getting rid of plastic bottles will have a huge impact on the environment, and it’s relatively easy too.

Using a soap pouch will help you reduce that waste even further by making the most of the soap bars you already have.

It’s made from 100% natural organic cotton so it can be composted when it wears out.


To get the most use out of your soap saver, always hang to dry after use. When you think it needs a clean, wash with a normal load on cool, dry flat and reuse time and time again!

When it’s come to the end of its time, cut up into tiny scraps and put into the compost bin.

Shower Soap Pouch by Tabitha Eve


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