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Black Pepper | Juniper | Neroli | Vanilla


Without harsh chemicals, our Reed Diffusers are a truly holistic aid to help promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.


  • Hand poured in our Brightlingsea studio
  • 100% vegan diffuser base*
  • 100% pure essential oils
  • 100ml/3.4fl oz
  • Lasts a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Reusable bottle
  • Cruelty Free


 We promise to :


  • Use only 100% pure essential oils in all of our products
  • Create consciously - with our natural environment in mind
  • Use only sustainably sourced ingredients - wax, fragrance & packaging


Ingredients :


  • 100% vegan diffuser base* and 100% Pure Essential Oils:
  • Black Pepper
  • Juniper
  • Neroli
  • Vanilla


*Augeo Crystal is a state of the art diffuser base, made from renewable resources, and pioneered using innovative technology - arguably the best 'eco-friendly' base for diffuser making available on the market.


Augeo has excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate and low odour. Unlike other diffuser bases, Augeo evaporates fully and does not have the metallic odour associated with other base materials.


Augeo Crystal is produced from a grade of glycerine that is guaranteed to be animal trace free and has been registered with the Vegan Society. 


Cruelty Free International have also confirmed that Augeo Crystal would be suitable for use in Leaping Bunny certified products.


​Reed Diffuser Care :


  • Carefully remove the travel stopper from the bottle and insert dry reeds into the essential oils.
  • Naturally enhance your space by allowing reeds to absorb the fragrance oils.
  • For optimum infusion and to vary fragrance intensity, carefully rotate reeds once a week.
  • Clean Conscience Reed Diffusers are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and are sourced from UK suppliers.
  • We use only natural oils within this fragrance blend, which may result in slight colour changes to your reeds throughout this product's lifecycle.
  • When first using your reed diffuser we recommend turning the reed sticks two or three times during the first twenty four hours to ensure the liquid is distributed efficiently.
  • After this period, turn the reeds periodically to release a stronger scent.
  • You can use less reed sticks and turn less often if you prefer a more subtle scent.
  • Our natural diffusers last up to four weeks if not longer.
  • Keep away from radiators or direct sunlight as the warmer the atmosphere, the quicker the diffuser oil will be absorbed by the reed sticks.
  • Ensure your reed diffuser is not placed near draughts or open windows.


Diffusers should be kept out of the reach of children and always:-


  • Placed on a protected surface

  • Kept away from painted, polished and flammable materials

  • Never attempt to light the reeds








The Orangery Reed Diffuser 100ml